In Other News …


14th Street Is Gentrifying!  [The Washington Post]  No, seriously, that’s what this story is about.  I like to think that in the print edition, it appeared next to a story with the headline “It Sure Is Hot Outside.”  And people wonder why newspapers are dying.

New Details of Walter Reed Redevelopment Proposals Emerge  [Washington City Paper]  Why is naming things “The Mews” a trend in urban planning/development and can it please end right now please?

Micro-Units Approved for 14th Street Corridor  [Elevation DC]  They’re building a shiny new hypermodern structure right on top of the old decrepit rowhouses, which is basically what I do with my personality every time I move to a different city.

MLK Monument Quote Revisions Have Begun  [DCist]  Maya Angelou said the uncontextualized sort-of-misquote made King sound like “an arrogant twit.”  I bet the person who was in charge of editing the quote is the same person who puts a Post-It on their yogurt in the break room fridge that reads, “KEEP YOU’RE HANDS OFF AND THEIR WON’T BE ANY PROBLEMS.”

Anacostia Redevelopment Moves Ahead  [Greater Greater Washington]  Soon, a five block stretch of Anacostia will boast shiny new homes, offices, and shops.  Not right now though.  But sometime.  Probably.

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