Room 11 is actually the best bar in the city, and I agonized over including it in this post, lest the already-scarce seating get even scarcer. But what the hell. Room 11 is a “nice” bar, but it dodges all the horrible “nice bar” cliches; the sterile Sharper Image aesthetic, the stupid novelty club liquors (“Qreme”), the bitchy staff who think they’re better than you even though they clearly majored in business administration at Florida State.

The interior is quirky, the owners (who often work there) are really friendly, and the drinks are excellent. In the winter, go for the mulled wine, and in the summer, go for the “Devil in Mexico,” a tequila cocktail that, after about eight of them, had me sitting on the patio one July night thinking, “I literally have no idea or control over what I’m going to do next.” (I fell asleep.)… read more

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