In an act of great generosity to the Washington metropolitan area, I will examine the crevices of Craigslist looking for the best, worst, and weirdest things the site has to offer. An unenviable task, yes, but I owe it to the city I love.

As a disclaimer, I won’t be posting any images of people from the “personals” ads up here. But strange posts are fair game.



I’m a bit out of the loop with hip online rendezvous lingo, but I’m pretty sure each word is innuendo for something. I also enjoy how it’s addressed to “everyone.”



I am honestly having trouble thinking of something less useful than this stack of empty CD cases, but they do look pretty cool all stacked up like that. $5 takes all.

Begging the Question, Why?


My view of this ad is colored by my unsuccessful attempt to own a hamster and keep it alive. The failure haunts me, and I do believe this small animal module would have helped me out.

But why does this seller have seven of them? My truthful guess is that a disgruntled pet store employee ran off with the stash.

Most Surprising:


Is this a good price for a Nintendo 64 and the Zelda: Ocarina of Time game? I’m not sure.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if N64s sold for $20 or $300. Nostalgia, great games, and a potential limited supply on the one hand could serve to drive up the price. On the other hand, video game commercials these days (really all I know about video games) look almost unreasonably realistic. Kids born around ’01 are living in a different world. Either way, $75 seems wrong, and I can’t place why.

A Decent Find:


I won’t lie to you, it’s more fun to find awful things on craigslist to post about. But I actually do appreciate this tea set. Quaint little cups–with tops included! It’s also worth noting that if you look closely at the ad you’ll see this dainty sextet of fragile kitchenware is posted under “heavy equipment,” next to $26,000 used forklifts.

The real take away is that you have to search in unexpected nooks and crannies to find that gem on Craigslist. But tread carefully, friends. You don’t want to slide unexpectedly into a ménage à trois when all you wanted were some well-worn flip flops.


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