If you ran across Buzzfeed’s 17 Local Ways To Show Off Your Of Washington, DC article you may have stumbled upon DISTRICT of CLOTHING and the fact that they were ranked #3 on how to show your love for DC. According to their website:

“We are a Nation of firsts. We are a District of doers.

We design apparel with the conventional and avant-garde dreamers and doers in mind. A doer is someone who finds a dream, harnesses that dream, and turns it into an active reality. Our clothing is designed for comfort, style, and anyone who goes to bed looking forward to the dawning of a new day. Let your dreamer and your doer shine through with us. We are DISTRICT of CLOTHING.”

Show your adoration for DC with awesome clothing designed by a local small business owner, displaying that you are not only a DC Dreamer Doer but you are, in fact, DC Dope.

We caught up with Dionna M. Dorsey, owner of Dionna Dorsey Design and DISTRICT of CLOTHING, find out what she’s up to…

What is a typical day for you?

Most days start with reflection around 6:30am, breakfast and then I try my best to get to the gym. I either work from my home office or head to meetings with clients. At some point I’m going to take a dance break and a nap to keep my creativity flowing. Pending on my to-do list, I may finish at 4pm or 2am. Some days are much longer than others but I’m typically on my Mac responding to emails, listening to music, creating, sketching and reading political articles. Honestly, I absolutely love what I do and rarely do I feel like I’m working!


Hardest part about being a small business owner?

Finding and keeping a healthy life balance. There’s always more work to do but it’s key to learn to trust yourself and come up for air. Over the last six years I have learned to trust myself and keep believing in my ability to move forward. I may not always be where I want to be but I know I’m headed in the right direction and I should trust that. Some days are tougher than others but it’s these days when I ask different questions, learn something new, and breakthrough to the next level. You’re pretty much unstoppable when your passion meets your purpose.

1421338134955Photo source: Colabination

Best part about being a small business owner?

You get to learn something new about yourself every day. Every. Single. Day.

Advice for new entrepreneurs?

Never stop learning, listening and reading. Oh, and be sure to surround yourself with others much smarter than you!

Roman Radiance || Rome Italy

If you weren’t involved with District of Clothing what would you be doing with your life?

I’d probably live in Italy, travel to visit different museums and work creatively with kids.

What/who influences you the most?

My God, my family and music.

I need to relax you’ll find me at/doing…

Taking a nap, dancing or playing with my dog, Coco LaRoux!

What neighborhood do you live in?

I currently live in Arlington, VA.

Biggest DC pet peeve?

This is not the most walkable city. I absolutely love DC but I wish I could walk everywhere I needed to go.


Who do you think is the most attractive person to ever live?

Tough question. Ever? Dorothy Dandridge or Audrey Hepburn. Beautiful women with timeless souls and talent.


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