Which Developer Will Get to Ruin the Former FBI Headquarters?  [Washington Post]  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: tearing down this Brutalist monolith to build a generic mixed-use building is like writing your grocery list on the Mona Lisa.

Affordable Housing Vs. Park Space In DC’s Park View  [Greater Greater Washington]  Realistically though, this is a no-brainer.  Park space is like a gym membership; having it available makes you feel better, but you only use it like once a month.

The Weird Graffiti Showing Up On Havana’s Oldest Buildings  [Atlas Obscura]  By the time you look at these photos, most of these murals will have been replaced by Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters.

Miami’s Luxury Real Estate Market Battles Rising Sea Levels  [Bloomberg]  Isn’t it the most Miami thing ever that they’re building huge water pumps that will run around the clock to keep their underground parking garages dry for their Lamborghinis?

Police Raid Glover Park Art Gallery Over Marijuana Gifting  [WAMU]  It’s still weird that we live in a country where, just a few years ago, police would kick your door down because marijuana was an evil, soul-destroying “gateway drug,” and now they’ll kick your door down because, hey, we can’t let you sell that marijuana until the City Council finalizes a tax structure to skim off the imminent millions in revenue.

Can Modern Architecture Be Sustainable?  [n+1]  This article has a ton of interesting points that you could potentially pass off in a social setting as your own ideas.


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