pic-dump-610-23When Buying a House, Consider Climate Change  [The New York Times]  Judging by this article, getting home insurance and passing inspections in a post-warming world are a much scarier prospect than actually getting inundated by a biblical-type flood.

DC Court of Appeals Blocks McMillan Redevelopment  [Urban Turf DC]  I mean, yeah, the planned development was kind of a sore thumb compared to its low-key residential surroundings, but just like everyone else, I assumed big money would carry the day.  (Don’t get your hopes up, this is far from a final decision.)

This $10K House Can Be Built With a Hex Key In Half a Day  [Inhabitat]  Considering that the IKEA bookshelves are supposed to take an hour to assemble and usually take around four hours, I’d guess this house actually takes a month or so to put together.  Still, it’s a cool idea.

America’s First Real Estate Presidency  [Politico]  When I read the phrase “real estate presidency,” I think of the President spraying “chocolate chip cookie” aerosol odor around the White House right before the foreign dignitaries arrive.

Vacant Dupont Circle Homes Draw Squatters  [Washington City Paper]  I checked three times to make sure this wasn’t a news story from 1987, and I still think it might be.

DC’s Housing Crisis Increases for Poorest Residents  [DCist]  As far as I’m concerned, if you pay less than half your monthly income to rent, you’re basically in the 1%.

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