internet-warCity Announces Enhancements to DC’s First Time Homebuyer Program  [Popville]  Now the city’s offering even more money but you may need a Russian hacker to clean up that credit report first.

Bill Would Bar Landlord From Rejecting Applicants With Criminal Records  [Washington Post]  Next time I get rejected for an apartment, I’ll just go steal a car and then come back and apply again.  (I kid, I kid.)

What’s Next for the McMillan Redevelopment?  [Washington Business Journal]  The project isn’t dead, it’s just delayed; I wonder how long it would have to be delayed before the developers give up and walk away?  Three years?  Five?  Ten?

The Top 10 Markets for Housing Deals  [Builder]  This list is a weird mix of “why would that market be cheap, I want to live there!” (Denver, Austin) and “well of course THAT city is cheap!”  (Midland, TX and Springfield, IL).

House Hunting In Mexico  [New York Times]  I’m not one of those people who threatens to move out of the country after every election, but if you are, you could do a lot worse than a beachfront villa in Mexico.

Should Real Estate Developers Get Into Communal Living?  [Forbes]  Imagine how puzzled your hippie parents would be if you traveled back in time to the Sixties and showed them this headline.

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