Commerce Secretary Nominee Under Contract On $12 Million Mansion  [Urban Turf DC]  Politics aside, you know that if you were in a foreign country, and you went to the Commerce Secretary’s house and he lived in a $12 million mansion, your first thought would be, “what a corrupt, rotten country this place must be!”

Bethesda’s Tiniest House Can Be Yours for $459K  [Washingtonian]  I looked at this headline really quick and thought, “Hmm, for $45K, I might consider it.”  Then I took a second, closer look and broke into derisive laughter.

There’s a War On Over Digital Billboards in DC  [DCist]  Well, DC is always aspirationally comparing itself to New York; maybe turning itself into Times Square is the next logical move?

How Improving Alleys Can Make Better Cities  [Arch Daily]  This article makes a lot of great points; why isn’t every alley in Shaw like Blagden Alley?

How a Century of Zoning Laws Shaped NYC  [Hyperallergic]  If DC ever decides to scrap the Height Act, stealing NYC’s “you can build taller, if you also build a public park” idea would be a brilliant move.

This Wall Streeter Is Trying to Do to Real Estate What Tech Did to Stock Trading  [Business Insider]  Every real estate agent just read that headline as “This Wall Streeter Is Trying to Take Your Job and Make You Live In Your Car!”

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