Ah, here we are again! The holiday season. No matter how many cookies I cram in during training season, it seems that the holidays still come far before I am ready. Usually, I’m just minding my business, trying to sing to Justin Bieber loud enough so that it doubles as therapy but discreetly enough that I don’t draw unwanted attention and then BAM, out of nowhere Jose Feliciano wants to wish me a merry Christmas from the bottom of his heart. And he does so way more times than I personally would deem necessary.

If you’re anything like me, what should be a relaxing time of year spent idling by the fire, singing carols, and drinking numerous cups of cheer is actually an all-out frenzy of “OMG WHAT THE HECK DO I GET DAVE?!” coupled with a nail-biting phenomenon of “WILL THAT THING I ORDERED ONLINE ACTUALLY GET HERE BEFORE CHRISTMAS?”

Whether you’re like me or not, holiday shopping is hard. I’ve put together a list of some items that any city dweller would (or should) be happy to find addressed to them. Items that are as useful as they are compact. Items that are as cool as they are practical. Without further adieu…



Are you even a city slicker if you don’t have a hip pair of headphones to drown people out on public transportation? A good pair of headphones is definitely a must. Cities are so lively and energizing on their own, imagine what a dropping a few beats on top of them can do. Brands worth perusing include UrbanEars and Beats by Dr. Dre.

An umbrella.


You might be thinking “who lives in a city and doesn’t own an umbrella?” It’s a fair question, but let me first say…you’d be surprised. And then let me point out that not all umbrellas are made equal. Some will shield you from wind and all forms of precipitation and some you will have to shield yourself (and passersby) from as they become a sort of makeshift weapon that nobody wants to be wielding. Try gifting a Senz umbrella, which flaunting a little bit of smart, forward-thinking design, is able to call itself “storm-proof.”

A trendy (but practical) backpack.


For city dwellers, a good pack is nothing short of essential. Getting from point A to point B without one is nearly impossible unless A) you’re really good at juggling things while walking or B) you’ve already gone with the ridiculously over-sized tote option and you have the brute shoulder strength to stick to your guns. Otherwise, a stylish pack is likely a welcome gift. Thoroughly tested and popular modern brands include Fjall Raven and Herschel Supply.


Extra battery.

Some things just ruin your day. A prime example of this is the pit-in-your-stomach feeling when you get the low battery, 20% percent left, roughly 15-more-unnecessary -Facebook-checks-available pop-up warning from your phone. Being battery-less means having no choice but to be productive, and, quite frankly…everyone wants the choice. City life makes preserving battery life especially precarious, because often you use your phone to grab directions, check how public transport is running, and more among the normal usage. A great gift solution to this is almost anything from Mophie. Mophie sells “juice packs,” which are phone cases that you can charge to act as a second battery. They also sell the more common power stations, which are an outside power source you can use as a backup battery if you’re not near a power outlet. Productivity be damned!

A Smart Piggy Bank.


A piggy bank might seem like a lame gift (and maybe it is – verdict’s still out). A smart piggy bank, though, is at least worth its weight in gold. Porkfolio, a cute take on the original idea of a piggy bank, doubles as a quirky decoration AND a way for users to keep track of exactly how much spare change they have. Through a connection to a smart app, this little piggy tracks its own balance and keeps goals in plain sight. Living in the city can be expensive…perhaps the Porkfolio could be a fun way to save up for a night at a favorite restaurant, or a weekend outside of the hustle and bustle.


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