DC’s Oddest Homes of 2016  [Curbed DC]  Most of the houses on this list are bad/corny weird, but I maintain living in a wacky replica of the White House could at least be amusing/quirky weird.

Finding North America’s Ancient Buried City  [Ars Technica]  To paraphrase someone on the internet recently, “hmm, bad things keep happening to the United States, it’s almost as if it’s built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.”

Real Estate Agents On Their Most Unusual House Tours  [Wall Street Journal]   Any subheadline with the words “dealing with a powerful pet smell” in it will always get me to read on.

Metro Deems Holiday Music at Gallery Place a “Success”  [Washington Post]   Yeah, anytime you get a chance to combine two of the worst things in the world – Metro, and Christmas music – you really have to take advantage.

DC’s Alternative Inauguration Balls  [DCist]  Man, the gay Mike Pence impersonator really is going to be booked solid for the next four years …

These 5 Trends Will Shape the Real Estate Market In 2017  [Fortune]  I got halfway through this article before I stopped, and muttered under my breath, “what does it matter, I can’t afford to buy a house.”


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