A new year is upon us! 2017, what will you bring? Will be it be a killer six-pack despite all of the sweets consumed this holiday season? A newfound dedication to work? A miraculous change in personality that means more patience and less swearing? One can dream. However, as the New Year rolls in to introduce itself, it can be a welcome change to think about goals outside of yourself. Because let’s be honest, change is daunting! So, if you’re tired of pretending like this will indeed be the year that you swap margaritas for protein shakes, maybe approach the turn of the page with a different focus: improving your home sweet home. Here are some home-based New Year’s resolutions to consider:

Finally check those random repairs off of your to-do list.

You know those nagging things that you just keep meaning to get to…next week? We all have them. Whether it’s fading paint that you’ve been planning to spruce up, a stubborn door hinge that needs some TLC, or that stain in the carpet that you swore would only stay put for a month. Taking care of some of the little things can make a huge difference. So, dedicate a day in the New Year to your growing to-do list and revel in how good it feels to take a pen to paper and slash things off the list. Check this and check that! Even if you are just calling a handyman…


Frame and hang art.

White space is cool if you’re a graphic designer, but if you’re just an average, run-of-the-mill, kind-of lazy person that dooms clutter to the floor and otherwise useful kitchen drawers…make some moves! The hundreds of pictures you took on vacation are of little use to you in a folder stashed on your computer’s hard drive. It’s amazing how different a whole room can look with even one little framed piece of joy on the wall. Plus, the Internet makes framing almost too easy. Companies like FrameBridge and Artifact Uprising will print and frame photos for you (or frame artwork that you send in). FrameBridge will even print and frame Instagrams for you. Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking. Having a selfie of yourself hanging in the guest bathroom could be très chic, right?!


Stop shoving things into the great unknown – a.k.a. clean out the nooks and crannies!

We all have a place in our homes – a “safe space,” if you will, where “things” go to… Wait what is it that things do in your basement? Or in the attic? Or shoved under the bed? Chances are, they don’t do much besides collect dust. Now, I’m the first to admit that it can be tough to part ways with things. But if you have to go into your basement and fiddle around with a flashlight to even know what’s down there, how much could you really miss it? The beginning of the year is a great time to be honest about what you’re hoarding in the attic. Go through the bins, the boxes, the bags…it can even be fun to do with a friend. Have the “remember when” moments, laugh and proclaim “omg __________ , you have to see this!,” and then clear some space!!! Donate a little, recycle a little, trash a little. It’s amazing how refreshing it is to go into your basement and feel like you could actually fit something down there.

Run your home more efficiently.

Even though it’s where you catch up on necessary Z’s, veg out on Game of Thrones, and come up with one-of-a-kind excuses to avoid going out, home is a busy place. It’s where you cook, there’s stuff to keep clean, laundry to be done, lists to be made… I could go on. The point being…home is a place you must nurture. Whatever “efficiently” means for you, 2017 is the time to do it. Turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room. Shut off the water while you’re brushing your teeth. Be more intentional with where things are kept. Organize, organize, re-organize, and then organize some more.


Embrace your ‘hood

You have 400 followers on Instagram, but do you know your neighbor’s name? Don’t let home be limited by your four walls. In 2017, be the neighbor that makes the cookies and introduces himself or herself first! Insiders tip: Don’t give away all the cookies. In all seriousness though, being engrained in your community can be a stellar way to make home homier. You don’t have to be the social butterfly that goes to every party Mary from two doors down throws, but spread your wings a little and see where it leads. It just might lead somewhere where there are adult beverages and friendship. (Score!)

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