Guess Where the World’s Longest Fence Is  [Atlas Obscura]  I’ll give you a clue: it was built to keep out dingoes.

Want to Live Next Door to the Obamas? Join the Club  [Washington Business Journal]  If I were the Obamas, and I read an article about how all these people were desperately outbidding each other to live next door to me and pester me with constant attempts at friendship, I’d just buy the adjacent houses and keep them vacant.

Is Deanwood Really the Next Brookland?  [DCist]  The weirdest part of this whole “Brookland is totally over” thing is that I never even knew Brookland was cool in the first place.

Mudlarking In London’s Thames River  [Messy Nessy Chic]  I bet you could find some pretty cool stuff if you dug around in the banks of the Anacostia; just wait until they clean it up to take up your mudlarking hobby, or else you’re just asking for hepatitis.

Real Estate Lessons from Carrie Fisher  [Inman]  It’s not the dawn of the new year without cheesy, vaguely exploitative articles about deceased celebrities!  (This is one of the good ones though.)

Mama Ayesha’s Isn’t Adding Trump to Its Presidential Mural [Washingtonian]  Their official position is that they don’t have money in their budget for it.  (Any time someone goes out of their way to describe something as their “official position,” they’re basically telling you that they’re lying.)

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