Trains In the Netherlands Now Run On Wind  [Inhabitat]  Believe it or not, wind-powered trains have been around for centuries.  Sort of.

A Single DC Resident Filed Over 6500 Noise Complaints  [The Outline]  Just based on the headline, I went into this story rolling my eyes at this guy, but by the time I got to the part where he’s installing half-inch thick windows in his house because the airport put their new flight path right over him, I was like, “wow, he only filed 6500 noise complaints?”

Court Reverses Approval for Blagden Alley Micro Units  [Urban Turf DC]  Between this and the McMillan reversal, the District’s mad rush of development has hit a bit of a speed bump.  What’s the opposite of gentrification?  And more importantly, will my rent go down?

Capitol Hill’s Shotgun House Probably a Lost Cause  [Capitol Hill Corner]  Yeah, but even as is it would still sell for $750K in less than a day.

This Guy Drove Through Eastern Europe Looking For Futuristic Communist Monuments  [Bored Panda]  As my grandmother always said, if your significant other isn’t up for an Eastern European Communist Monument tour, don’t marry them.

The 7 Most Majestic Infrastructure Projects of 2017  [Wired]  You know what would really enrich the nation?  Student loan forgiveness.  (No, seriously though.)

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