Mother of Four Builds Her Own Home Using Youtube Tutorials  [The Sun UK]   One of my friends from childhood builds houses for a living and he says it’s like homemade peanut butter; once you realize how easy it is to make by yourself, you’ll never pay for pre-made again.

Taxes East of the Anacostia May Go Down By 50%  [Curbed DC]  I keep waiting for the District government to stumble so my rent goes down, but it looks like they may successfully revitalize the entire city.  Sigh.

The Untold Truth of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”  [The List]  Many contestants had to sell their massive houses (why did they build a 6BR-7BA house for a family of four?!) after being burdened with four-figure utility bills.  I would totally watch a tell-all documentary about this show.

DC 1 of 5 Cities to Push Pilot Program for Self-Driving Cars  [DC Inno]  I’m already dreading the smug “I still drive my car manually” retro dudes who are going to plague our future self-driving car utopia.

A Multimillion-Dollar Rehab In Brookland Gone Wrong  [Washington City Paper]   Alternate title:  “I Spent $30 Million, and All I Got Was Backed-Up Sewage and Kitchen Fires.”

The 5 Kinds of Cities We’ll See In the Populist Era  [Citylab]  “Looks like this breathing permit’s out of credit, you’ll have to go back down in the mines.”

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