Celine Dion Is Selling Her Luxe “Bahamian-Inspired” Florida Estate  [Mansion Global]  Her pool is as big as the parking lot at the Mall of America and yet I can’t think of any song of hers except the one that’s arguably the worst one of the entire Nineties. (Which is saying a lot, considering that was the decade when Sugar Ray AND Smashmouth were making music.)

New Renderings Preview Truxton Circle’s Chapman Stables  [Urban Turf DC]  “It’s hard to believe that a horse once defecated right where you’re sitting.  No really, in that very spot!”

A Map of All the Smart Homes For Sale In DC  [Curbed DC]  You know how people walk into old houses and sigh and say, in a wistful tone, “ah, if only these walls could talk”?  Soon, those walls will literally be able to talk.  And they’re going to tell the new owners everything, including all the weird stuff you ever googled at 4AM.

The Tenant Holdout Who Got $17 Million to Move Out  [New York Post]  I thought I did well to get five figures when my landlord was paying people to move – this guy got $17 million AND a luxury apartment on Central Park, for lifetime rent of $1 a year.

How the GOP Plan to Eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction Could Affect the Market  [Business Insider]  Finally, something from the new budget that won’t affect me!  I was beginning to think that they were targeting me specifically.

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