Tampa Bay’s Wal-Mart Average Two Visits from Police Every Hour  []  Remember when everyone was mad that Wal-Mart didn’t open more stores here?  I went to the Georgia Avenue one recently and it was basically deserted.

The Corinthian Columns from Lincoln’s Inauguration Stand In an Empty Field  [Atlas Obscura]  Perfect example of something you have no use for anymore, but that you can’t throw out either.  Like the dozens of unread New Yorkers deposited around my apartment.

Is Kalorama the New Georgetown?  [Washington City Paper]  If Kalorama is the new Georgetown, what’s Georgetown been demoted to?  The new … Chevy Chase?  (Shudder.)

Barrel House Liquors Apartment Conversion Gets Approval  [Urban Turf DC]  Good news:  they’re keeping the huge barrel as a ground floor retail facade.  But what kind of business wants to be in a barrel-shaped building?  A store that sells pickles?  Nails?  Crude oil?

Barcelona’s Car-Free Plans Meet Resistance  [Citylab]  While the US inauguration protests were happening here, Barcelona residents were protesting new laws forbidding them from driving cars through their beautiful Old World paradise.  Do they have any idea how lucky they are?

Loudon County May Face Severe Housing Shortage  [Washington Business Journal]   “Buying land around the future Loudon metro stops” is the sort of thing I’d do if I cared about getting rich, but to tell the truth, poverty is pretty chill, dude.

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