This PG County Man Sued His Homeowner’s Association Over a Mailbox  [Washington Post]   This guy spent $33K on legal fees just to get his stupid homeowners association off his back about installing a “regulation” mailbox.  Is something wrong with me if I think it was worth every penny?

14th Street Might Get an Express Bus Line  [Greater Greater Washington]  There were plenty of mornings when I used to walk to work down 16th Street that I could keep pace with the bus even though I was on foot.

Are Luxury Home Sales Slumping?  [CNBC]  Between this news and the news that zillionaire Peter Thiel has an emergency retreat in New Zealand in case civilization collapses, I’m starting to think something’s going on that rich people aren’t telling us about.

Ben’s Chili Bowl Painted Over Their Cosby/Obama Mural  [Eater DC]  You can vote on the Ben’s website for who to put in a replacement mural.  Best suggestion I’ve heard on social media:  that guy who used to shout “Black cat, Black cat!” every night in front of the Black Cat.

Sex, Real Estate, and Mies Van Der Rohe’s Masterpiece  [Arch Daily]  You have to admit, it takes guts to sue a world class architect for not reciprocating your crush.

Elon Musk Wants to Solve LA Traffic By Building a Tunnel Under the City  [Vanity Fair]  As always, the line between “genius” and “an idea a six year old would come up with” is a very fine line.

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