Uber Announces Imminent Launch of Driverless Taxis  [Dezeen]  You know how there was a resurgence of the quaint handmade cocktail?  How long before some startup rolls out old-fashioned non-driverless cars piloted by colorful cigar-chomping drivers full of anecdotes and advice?  I say fifteen years, at most.

Poor Credit and Hefty Debt Might Not Prevent You From Getting a Mortgage  [Washington Post]  *Immediately applies for several mortgages*

Why Are Americans Moving Less?  [Citylab]  Wait, is moving a good thing?  I hate moving.  Moving is one of the top three most stressful things you can do in life, up there with a breakup and getting fired.  (I once did all three in the same year, and I have the gray hair to prove it.)

DC’s Taxpayer-Supported Slumlord  [Washington City Paper]  Warning: this story will infuriate you.

DC Homeowners Are Breaking Even More Quickly  [Urban Turf DC]  It now only takes 3.5 years for a DC homeowner to break even; this sounded great but then I remembered I’ve never held down a job for even half that long.

Check Out These Chinese Architectural Traditions Before They Disappear  [Arch Daily]  All of them involve living with your parents and grandparents your whole life, so I’m sure Chinese millennials are thrilled these traditions are dying out.

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