There’s a Secret Mini-Washington Monument Next to the Washington Monument  [Atlas Obscura]  This is so weird and cute and creepy, like when a dad and a toddler wear the same outfits.

DC Has a New Environmentally-Conscious Weed Delivery Service  [DCist]  These services inevitably get busted, but they probably bank at least $50-100K before they get put out of business.  The lesson, as always: crime totally pays.

What It’s Really Like to Live In a “Dorm for Adults”  [Citylab]  If you asked me if I’d rather live with 17 roommates, or chop off my pinky finger with a knife, I’d grab the knife.  But that’s just me.

San Francisco Weaponizes Real Estate to Win the War On Cars  [Wired]  Which is it, is there a war on cars or are we trying to make this driverless cars thing happen?  If the first thing the driverless car’s hive mind hears when it gains sentience is that there’s a “war on cars,” we’re all screwed.

40% of Young People Get Help from Parents to Pay Rent  [New York Times]  Before you get all scandalized, consider a different perspective:  I read a biography of Tolstoy recently, and his parents supported him until he was 35.  If he’d had to work as a “Communications Associate” for $25K a year through his twenties, we probably wouldn’t have “War and Peace.

The 6 Best Underground Bars In Washington DC  [Architectural Digest]  If you knew how many of these I’d never heard of, I’d lose so many cool points.

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