Valentine’s Day: Whether you bask in the glory that is an excuse to eat every piece of chocolate in sight or meet it like a mortal enemy who dares bring up that this is the fourth year in a row you’re spent single, eating Chinese food in your pajamas, it’s here again. There’s no avoiding it, so you might as well greet it will killer plans and a resolve to have a good time – even if it is just in the company of your cat. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be pretending not to be annoyed that those heart message candies taste like chalk and acting surprised when your friends get engaged (how original). If you’re single in the city, here are your best bets for keeping Hallmark’s favorite day fun:

Valentine Eve 4 Minute Speed Dating Event (Monday, February 13th)

If you’re hell bent on finding a valentine, maybe speeding things up right before the big day could be of interest to you. The event markets itself as a way to experience “a dozen first dates in one evening.” Whether that sounds like the opportunity of the month or cause to run to the nearest bar is, of course, all up for debate. Attire is smart casual, and at worst, maybe you come away with some friendly Valentine’s Day plans?

Worst Date Ever: A Contest (Tuesday, February 14th)

This event, run by Story District, is probably a great idea if you want to stop feeling like you’re the only person subject to horrendous dates. The early show is already sold out, but tickets to the late show are still available. The page describes the event enticing you to take “pleasure in other people’s misery as they share their true stores and compete for who stooped the lowest or failed most spectacularly.”


Valentine’s Day Paint and Sip (Saturday, February 18th)

Equally enjoyable for couples and singles alike, this event is about de-stressing on Valentine’s Day and making some art – be it a masterpiece or not! Select your ticket based on whether you think one glass of wine will suffice or if you’re going to need access to an unlimited supply.

I Love You Because (through February 26th)

Go see a show! After all, there’s no place where it’s easier to be single than in the dark. I Love You Because is being put on by the Damascus Theatre Company at the Arts Barn in Maryland and the premise sounds intriguing to say the least. The synopsis quips:

“With a nod toward Jane Austen’s exploration of what attracts people to one another, this musical is the story of a young, uptight greeting card writer whose life is changed when he meets a flighty photographer. Along with their eccentric friends and siblings, they learn to love each other not in spite of their faults, but because of them.”


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