The Rise of “Wellness Real Estate”  [The Atlantic]  Soon, agents won’t spray fake chocolate chip cookie smell at open houses, they’ll play special ambient music that enhances alpha brainwaves (according to a New Age blogger with no medical training).

Alleged Capitol Hill “Party House” Comes Under Scrutiny  [Capitol Hill Corner]  A rowhouse hosting political fundraisers several nights a week?  If I lived in Capitol Hill, I’d be waltzing in there four nights a week for free food and champagne.

DC Simultaneously Sues, Subsidizes Notorious Slumlord  [Washington Post]  They should pass a law that says that after a certain number of housing violations, the CEO of these big property management companies has to move into the crappiest unit the company manages.

The Historical Preservation of Shaw’s Woodson House  [Urban Turf DC]  This is the block that Shiloh Baptist held onto through all the years of people badgering them to sell while the market heated up.  At this rate, when they finally sell, they’re going to make more money than Facebook.

Feds Renew Crackdown On Dirty Money In Luxury Real Estate  [Miami Herald]  Well, if Russian oligarchs and Colombian druglords are barred from the luxury condo market, maybe prices will fall enough that we’ll be able to afford one.  (Doubt it.)

Chilean Folding House Has a Flap to Control Temperature  [Inhabitat]  “Mom, can we lower the heat-absorbent houseflap?”  “No, just put on a sweater.”

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