If you’ve lived in DC for long enough (or ever had a visitor), you’ve seen the sights. You know what the White House looks like, you’ve ran your fingers over the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial, you’ve seen Lincoln gazing over you in morning, afternoon, and nighttime lighting. And if you take one more Instagram of a cherry blossom you will for sure lose some random followers you know from your college days. So, if you’ve gone down the tourist’s must-do list and checked it twice, that leaves you with two options: keep eating brunch until your pants don’t fit or check out some of the more obscure offerings within DC’s reach. Since in my experience one can only eat so much French toast (I have my limits), let’s assume you want to look at the other options. After all, French toast will always be there for you…


The Fridge

The district is definitely no stranger to artsy happenings, but The Fridge is truly something special. Instead of typical art, The Fridge’s collection showcases the coolest of cool: street art. It’s a small, cozy space with artwork that is rarely boring and often quite the contrary: dope. Although street art is the bread and butter behind the business here, they also hold events where other types of art can be showcased. The DC Beltway Poetry Slam team performs here on the last Tuesday of every month.


The Mansion on O Street

If you like real estate and weird stuff (which I get a feeling you do), then The Mansion on O Street might be right up your alley. This gem is situated near DuPont Circle and is a museum, venue, and hotel hybrid boasting “over 100 rooms and 32 secret doors” spread throughout four floors. Wander through the mansion and bring a shopping bag! Almost every item in this ever-intriguing place is for sale

Trapeze School New York

Talk about something to keep you entertained on a Saturday afternoon. Trapeze School New York in DC will make your heart flutter and your mind soar (quite literally). Reservations are highly recommended, with most flying trapeze classes lasting at least two hours. According to the website, first-time students will have the opportunity to learn the knee-hang and potentially even a catch and all students will have the opportunity to advance their skills.

Rock Creek Park Horse Center

DC has beautiful outdoor spaces, but the Rock Creek Park Horse Center is truly a secluded, outdoorsy gem in the middle of an otherwise urban environment. Trail rides are open and available to all experiences here – just $40 for an hour-long adventure on a trusty steed. What cherry blossoms?


The Brewmaster’s Castle

I know I promised I would lure you away from French toast and mimosas, but I didn’t say I would take you too far. The Brewmaster’s Castle is a gothic brewery that has been filling pints for the past hundred years. It was built in the late 1800s to house a brewer in grand fashion and even today, it doesn’t disappoint. Drop in for a tour of the now museum or if you’d rather peek around with a brew in hand, stop in for “History & Hops,” a monthly event series featuring local breweries taking place every third Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

The Torpedo Factory

The Torpedo Factory is like a backstage, all-access pass to DC’s art scene. There are three floors here, packed wall to wall with local artists’ studios. When you visit here, you have the opportunity to not only see the artists’ finished work, but to see many of them in action, completing whatever piece is in progress at the time. You never know what you’ll see here – artists range to specialize in printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, fiber, stained glass, painting, and more.

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