Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Back On the Market, At a Huge Discount  [Yahoo]  I stopped reading when I got to the part that said the sellers took out all the amusement park rides.  Getting Michael Jackson’s personal bumper cars as part of the package was a pro, not a con!

This West End Penthouse Has An On-Site Trader Joe’s  [Curbed DC]   Having unlimited on-site access to the Trader Joe’s baked goods table is a dream/nightmare come true.

One of LA’s First Real Estate Moguls Was Born a Slave  [Curbed LA]  She bought a ton of land in Los Angeles when the population was under 2000.  Imagine what that property would be worth today …

Only 10% of Millennials Like DC Enough to Settle Here  [DC Inno]  For the mayor’s office, this is the most chilling possible headline that doesn’t include the word “indictment.”

This $213 Train Ride Shows the Best of America  [Thrillist]  The route also takes you through Iowa and Nebraska, i.e. the worst of America.

Marble Quarrying Looks As Cool As You Always Imagined  [Arch Daily]  When I was in high school, we used to swimming at an abandoned marble quarry.  One time, we dared one of the guys to dive off the hundred foot cliff at the quarry’s edge; he jumped, passed out from terror halfway down (his scream abruptly ended and he went conspicuously limp) and hit the water face-first.  He was never really the same after that.

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