High-rise residential units, community retail, and lots of interactive green space are the highlights of several developers who have proposed ideas for the redevelopment of the parking deck at 2nd and K Streets NW in the Mount Vernon Triangle of Ward 6.

This site lies, “directly above the I-395 freeway, bounded by 2nd Street NW to the east, H Street NW to the south, 3rd Street NW to the west, and K Street NW to the north”.

In May (of 2016), the office of the DMPED announced that it would begin receiving requests for proposals (RFPs) for the redevelopment of prime real estate in the Mount Vernon Triangle of Ward 6.  The RFP was for the parking deck at 2nd and K Streets NW, which currently stretches a hefty 87,000 square feet!  A community meeting was held on February 15th at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church to allow MVT Partnership, Capital Vista, and Tishman Speyer to offer their proposals for the parking deck site.

MVT Partnership’s presentation was solely based on the development of the parking deck site, suggesting a project that calls for a massive mixed-use project.  The plan calls for 688 residential units. 481 of those units would be market rate and 207 would be reserved for affordable housing.  This development project also includes 5,000 square feet of retail space and several large green spaces that bridge into Cobb Park on 2nd street NW.

Aerial view or MVT project proposal, MVT Presentation Feb. 15th, 2017


The MVT partnership team is comprised of Fivesquares and Paradigm (Co-Lead Developers), the National Housing Partnership Foundation (NHP), Warrenton Group, LS Caldwell, and Associates;  Perkins Eastman DC (Architecture).

The other presentations included plans for the redevelopment of the neighboring Cobb Park.

Capital Vista would like to see a 90,000 square-feet “active” reaction park atop the existing parking deck site, which is three times larger than Cobb Park.  This park would provide families with children, active adults, and seniors with more fielded space to roam in a seemingly compact city.  CV acknowledged, however, that the project site cannot be too dense because of the parking deck’s load-bear capacity. Capital Vista also looks to set up the community with a mixed-use development on the Cobb Park site.  The Cobb Park site would include 198 residential units, a 165-room hotel, and community retail.  Ideally, that retail space will have sit-down restaurants, daily need stores, and fitness cluster.

CV 4
Aerial view of CV development plans for Parking Deck and Cobb Park

CV 3CV 1

CV 2
Proposed mixed-used development (Capital Vista)

The Capital Vista team consists of Republic Properties and Capstone Development (Development); WDG, Marshall Moya, Lee and Associates, Symmetra Design, Vika Capital, and SK&A Engineering (Architecture and Engineering); OIC of Washing DC, Balfour Beatty, and Blue Skye Construction (Construction). CP’s track record includes the Marquis Marriot, Columbia Place, and City Vista.

Tishman Speyer (TS) and its partners are also looking to utilize both spaces.  On the parking deck, TS envision using almost 30,000 square feet for a recreational/sports area. This space would be accompanied by a playground, animal park and an arts market with a scenic walk.  As far as the Cobb Park Site goes, TS envisions using this space for a 13 story high rise (373,900 square feet), and 20,000 square-feet of retail space below it.

Some of those retailers include Whole Foods, Core Power, Baked & Wired and Shake Shack.

In their presentation, TS also addressed the structural limitations of the building onto this space, though by “leverag[ing a] better located, lower-risk parcel for vertical development” (Cobb Park) and “relocat[ing the] park/community uses to a larger site” (the parking deck), these plans can be realized.

TS 1TS 2

TS 3
Tishman Speyer’s vision for the Art market of development proposal

TS 4

The Tishman Speyer Team consists of Tishman Speyer (Lead Developer, Capital); Thoron Capital (CBE, Local Developer); Handel Architects (Architecture); Davis (General Contractor). TS Development projects include the Rockefeller Center (New York), Pier 4 (Boston), Square 696 (DC) and Lumina (San Francisco).

All images were recovered from the presentations offered by their respective firms. Direct links to the three presentations are below:

MVT Partnership

Capital Vista

Tishman Speyer

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