Tenleytown Resident Records Neighbor’s Dog Illegally Crapping, Posts Video to Neighborhood Listserv  [DCist]  You’ll never see such breathtaking displays of pettiness as you will on DC neighborhood listservs.  They’re like a never-ending “Real Housewives” catfight about someone putting their garbage cans out on the curb five minutes too early.

Bethesda Mall May Convert to Multi-Family Housing  [Bethesda Magazine]  I have to admit, the idea of living in a former mall does sort of appeal to me, though keep in mind that I also had a hyper-ironic mullet for like five years.

Swedish Park to Be Enclosed In Glass  [Arch Daily]  Hey, if we can have open air shopping malls, why not indoor parks?

You Can Now Sell Your Home On Snapchat  [Oregon Live]  The future is here.  And it’s annoying.

This Burned-Down Texas Home Is One of the Most Popular Listings In America  []  If your house has been languishing on the market for weeks or months, the lesson is clear:  burn it down.

Anacostia’s Poplar Point Park Back On DC’s Agenda  [Washington Business Journal]  Maybe they should enclose it in glass?


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