A 27-Year-Old Landlord’s Strategy for Making Money In Real Estate  [Business Insider]  If you own six homes and 18 apartments at age 27, I think your secret is probably “inherited wealth.”

Russian Buyers Flood New York City’s Real Estate Market  [CNBC]  I’d make a joke about this, but if I did, I’d most likely get audited.

Beijing to Build “Green Necklace” Around City to Fight Pollution  [Inhabitat]  Why cut emissions when you can build a massive trillion-dollar circular artificial forest?

Don’t Even Try Bribing Your Way Into the Cherry Blossom Bar  [Washingtonian]  Pro tip:  when a doorman says, “don’t even try to bribe me,” what he really means is, “it’s going to cost you more than the standard $20.”

White Elephants: Unsuccessful and Embarrassing Architecture Projects from Around the World  [Arch Daily]  The world’s largest bus station (in Israel) is now a semi-abandoned labyrinth where people throw raves which, if you think about it, isn’t really unsuccessful or embarrassing.

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