Is This Front Door Really Worth $16,500?  [CNBC]  “Hey, let’s go on television and tell the world that this item on the exterior of our house is worth as much as a compact car.  What could possibly go wrong?”

These U Street Green Condos Come with Art  [Urban Turf DC]  These are the perfect places to buy if you’re trying to impress a yoga teacher.

How Crowdfunding Is Democratizing Real Estate Investing  [Marketplace]  Before, there were lots of elite, exclusive projects that you couldn’t afford to invest in; now, there are lots of friendly, accessible projects that you can’t afford to invest in.

This Map Shows You the Closest Restrooms to Every Metro Station  [DCist]  Yes, I’m ashamed that I’ve drunkenly urinated inside a metro station late at night, but no, I’m probably not as ashamed as I ought to be.

Keep DC’s Metro Bleak!  [Citylab]  For some reason, I never noticed that metro stations are Brutalist designs, but they totally are, aren’t they?  That’s pretty cool.  (I’d still rather take a $60 Uber to Virginia than ride the Orange Line though.)

Trump Looking for Another DC Hotel to Convert  [Washington Post]  Well, I guess it makes sense – at least half my Facebook friends are sure that he’s going to be out of a job very soon.

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