Union Station Brutalizes Brutalism  [Curbed DC]  “Yeah, let’s just touch it up with a little paint, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Notorious DC Slumlord Fined Over a Half-Million Dollars  [Washington Post]  And this fine came after the city inspected only 20% of the company’s units.  Imagine how hard it is to find a new job when the most recent job title on your resume is “Slumlord.”

A Real Estate Developer for the Next Generation  [Forbes]  This is the guy your children will be blaming when their rent goes up.

A Real Estate Boom Powered By Weed  [New York Times]  Legalization didn’t take off because of changing social norms;  it took off because the powers-that-be realized how much money could be made.  *Puts on tinfoil hat*

13 Spectacular Living Roofs In Detail  [Arch Daily]  Starting now, if you buy a house with a roof deck, but it isn’t a grassy green roof, I’m going to slowly shake my head at you in disappointment.

Trump Golf Course In Virginia Vandalized  [NBC Washington]  You have to admit, it takes guts to spray-paint something owned by a guy who can call up the US spy satellite feed on his bedside iPad.

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