Reagan National currently serves north of 23 million passengers each year, however, its original design has only planned to accommodate 15 million. Now, I am no Stephen Hawkins, but, I can do this simple math and serving an additional 18 million people, from all over the world, can present some serious operational problems as well as complicate the traveler’s experience. Jack Potter, Airports Authority President and CEO expressed,

“Today, more than 23 million passengers travel through the airport—straining its infrastructure, crowding travelers and hampering our ability to provide best-in-class customer service. Project Journey will transform and improve the passenger experience.”

This summer, this airport is finally making the necessary steps to change this situation. Their solution is a $1 Billion project designed to improve the overall traveling experience.

According to a press release from earlier this year, part of this project will include [2] additional security checkpoints, connecting the concourse level of Terminals B and C to airline gate areas. It is to be expected that this development will build out an enclosed commuter concourse to replace the existing 14 outdoor gates, which are currently serviced by buses. Lastly, these project’s infrastructure calls for, “improvements to [the] roadway and parking configurations”– well, it is about time!!

Exterior view of new concourses
Interior view of new concourses

The new checkpoints, once activated, are expected to expand capacity from 20 to 28 security lanes, which would drastically reduce the time of screening by creating a more fluid route from the terminal concourses (B/C) to new passengers.

Visit here to see the renderings of Project Journeys many exciting developments!

Well, “summer” is still months away, and the project is not expected to be completed until 2021. So, what should passengers and travelers expect in the interim of things? Reagan National’s Vice President and Airport Manager, Paul Malandrino, explains that “While construction will take time and have some impacts along the way, the final product will provide a much more pleasant customer experience at the airport”.  Malandrino has assured the public that they will work closely with their contractors, TSA support, and airport employees to assure that the traveling experience does not suffer at the expense of ongoing construction.

This massive project is scheduled for two concurrent phases. Phase 1 will be the opening of the new checkpoints in 2020, and Phase 2 will conclude the project in 2021 with the completion of the new commuter concourse. To learn more about this project, please visit Reagan National and continue following us for updates!

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