A Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer’s Advice On Taking Real Estate Photos  []  Bonus tip:  try not to highlight your interesting taste in wallpaper.

How to Build Your Own Backyard Pizza Oven  [Arch Daily]  Apparently, building one of these is a tradition among architecture students.  If you have a backyard, and don’t build one of these yourself, remind me to throw a drink on you next time we run into each other.

What It’s Like Being the Real Estate Agent of DC’s Super Rich  [Washingtonian]  I imagine it involves a lot of deciding what to do with all the huge piles of money you’re constantly accumulating.

It Really Was As Windy Yesterday As It Sounded  [DCist]  Not gonna lie, I raised my head off my pillow yesterday afternoon, listened to the wind, and went back to sleep until dinner time.  Aside from the wretched poverty, it’s pretty nice being a writer.

Are Micro-Apartments Revolutionary Or Exploitative?  [The Architect’s Newspaper]  I guess it is sort of weird that micro-apartments aren’t actually cheaper than regular apartments, just more available.

DC Cops Are Making $20 Pot Busts  [US News]  My favorite part of this article is when the undercover guy went to buy a tiny amount of weed, and the dealer took out a massive 1 pound sack of marijuana and a $900 wad of cash to make change with.  Remind me again why we aren’t weed dealers?

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