This Real Estate Developer Predicted President Trump In the Eighties  [New York Post]  And so did Doonesbury, in 1999.  What does it say about America that this idea’s been floating around for so long?  And now can we realize some of these other ideas that have been floating around for decades, like hoverboards, the four day workweek, and cold fusion?

These Columbia Heights Condos Were Redone by Miss Pixie’s  [Washingtonian]  Speaking of predictions, I predict that “custom furnishings by a local vintage shop” is going to displace “marijuana grow closet” as DC’s trendiest new condo amenity.

DC’s Legal Battle with Notorious Slumlord Is Just Beginning  [Washington City Paper]  I feel if most people had their properties inspected, and the city found a bunch of horrible violations like leaking sewage pipes and rodent infestations, you would fix the violations, not launch into a flurry of legal maneuvering so you could avoid responsibility.  But I guess being a slumlord sort of requires a lack of shame.

The 9 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Overseas In 2017  [Huffington Post]   Maybe it’s just my paranoia talking, but every time I’ve visited a rich American friend’s overseas home, all I can think is, “one night, these villagers are totally going to murder you with pitchforks and burn your house down.”

How One Female CEO Used Tech to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business  [Forbes]  All of these Forbes entrepreneur profiles should be titled, “How This Person Got Rich While You Were Wasting Your Life, You Idiot.”

This Mirrored House Reflects the Desert’s Solitude and Beauty  [Vice]  It’d be weird to live in a house where it’s more enjoyable to have sex in the yard than in the bedroom.

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