Your Next Home Might Be Built By a Robot  [Urban Turf DC]  I support making everything with robots, if only because it gets us one step closer to a universal basic income.

The Underground Bunker Business Is Booming  [CBS Dallas]   My dad’s friend actually has a survival bunker, and he once showed us his hidden food stores for the post-apocalypse:  hundreds of pounds of dried corn.  The future is going to be malnourished.

Is Uber Driving Up Real Estate Prices?  [The Street]  I don’t know if I’d pay more for a neighborhood with a lot of Ubers, but I would definitely not live anywhere where I couldn’t get one.

How 3 DC Universities Are Shaping Their Neighborhoods  [Washingtonian]  I appreciate the fact that the University of Maryland people want to turn College Park into Ann Arbor – aim high! – but man, let’s be realistic, just getting it to the level of Beirut would be a 100% improvement.

Healing Architecture: Photos of Abandoned Mental Institutions  [Arch Daily]  Considering these were intentionally built in idyllic settings and constructed to be aesthetically beautiful – in Victorian times, they thought urban chaos caused mental illness, and that it was cured by a trip to the country – why haven’t they been redeveloped as apartments or a hotel?

Inside the Hotel Industry’s Plan to Take Down Airbnb  [The New York Times]  Isn’t the problem with hotels that they’re always in the lamest possible neighborhoods?  Instead of trying to take down Airbnb, maybe they should build some hotels in locations people actually want to stay.


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