Whether we’re way too many games of Words With Friends deep into our phone, scrolling through our enviable Instagram feed, zoning out to the umpteenth episode of Modern Family, reading the news, creeping on Facebook, or just going about our business, there’s one thing that we can never seem to escape: ads. They’re even all up in our grills as we stroll down the street, or go to take the metro. And while some might, quite literally, turn the other cheek…some simply won’t stand for it. Case in point: The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service.

This group did some simple deductive reasoning and decided to put it into action. Their initial meeting might have gone a little something like this (stay with me here): Here, here! We’ve found something that’s better to be bombarded with than ads! What is it, you ask? Well, in fact, it’s cats!

If my setting of the scene did you little good, let me explain further: The C.A.T.S. initiative and mission is simple: to replace ads with cats. Do ideas get any better (or simpler) than that? Inspired by a group doing the same thing in London (#CatsNotAds), Nicole Adams, a 34-year–old office manager decided to take matters into her own hands on a local level.

Adams reached out to James Turner, who headed up the project in London, and received a long email with both a blessing to go about the same type of work in DC and a daunting list of what, exactly, it took to put efforts into action on a significant scale. Speaking to the DCist, Adams said:

“I’ll take the challenge because it’s fun and different and no one would ever expect to walk into the Metro station and say ‘Why are there so many cats here?’”


Explaining in frank fashion further on her Kickstarter page, Adams says:

“Because…why not? It may be a silly project, but it’s a distraction from the chaotic lives we live. It’s a way to step out of the norm of ads on the Metro…away from convincing us to buy a brand new car, or looking mighty fine in a brand new pair of jeans…or politics.”

The amount of money raised will directly impact just how much of a takeover the C.A.T.S. can really provide. Adams is aiming high, with $30,000 listed as the goal. The page has her listed as about 10% funded right now. Adams aims to plaster purrfect faces around part of the DuPont circle station, or perhaps in Cleveland Park.

The project might double as more than a way to make commuters grin or tilt their head in confusion. Adams is in talks with the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County in order to make sure the spotlight is put to good use. After all, we might be able to resist the call of advertised chocolates or car upgrades…but a kitten that needs a home and a snuggle partner? City slickers are only human, after all.

So if you’re looking for a cause that can brighten the day of your fellow DC-ers (while getting an animal in need or two adopted in the meantime), look no further. Plus, let’s be honest: this will save us all time from looking up cat pictures on our own  via the Internet, right? If you didn’t say right to that, you’re probably just kitten’ with yourself…

Cats – first they’ll take over DuPont circle, next, they’ll take over the world as we know it. Here, here!

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