Living In a Van Is the Latest Bohemian Social Media Craze  [The New Yorker]  Hobos, paint huffers, and evicted longshoremen are reading this article and getting all touchy like, “Hmph, I was living in a van way before it was cool.”

You Could Buy This Former Post Office In McLean  [Urban Turf DC]  Looking at the photos of this place, my takeaway is that any time you have a chance to buy the home of two retired art professors, you should definitely do it.

Mapping the Segregated History of Ledroit Park  [WAMU]  Has anyone ever looked into the history of anything and come away from it like, “wow, that was heartwarming and uplifting, and really renewed my faith in humanity!”  I’m starting to think that just never happens.

The Case for Preserving the 20th Century Tollbooth  [Atlas Obscura]  Weird to think that everything we take for granted right now will someday be in a museum.  Twenty-third century museum-goers are going to have such a hearty laugh when they get to the sequined Uggs exhibit.

How to Build a Primitive Hut  [Arch Daily]   If you have kids, this would be a great project to keep them busy outside for a few hours while you furtively guzzle white wine and wonder where it all went wrong.

Dilapidated Shack Sells for Quarter-Mil Above Ask  [SF Gate]  I’m so utterly and completely puzzled by the fact that there’s a pristine, high-end ultramodern bathroom in this house, while the rest of it looks like an abandoned building in Chernobyl.  It’s like a real estate-themed episode of “The X-Files.”

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