We have some wickedly momentous news: Our awesome little city just got its very first Southern comfort drive-thru kitchenette — and it just recently opened.

That’s right — just when you thought DC living couldn’t quite possibly get any sweeter– it totally did.

Meet Mason Dixie Biscuit Co., aka the coolest thing to hit the DC area since sliced bread. This hip new retro joint just transformed a former Wendy’s drive-through into a “casually cool biscuit basecamp” and it’s located right on Bladensburg Road in Northeast DC.

So if you are one of those die hard environmentally friendly DCist types relying on public transportation and a retro bicycle to get you through your day to day life  — hit up your closest bestie — because this trendy establishment located near Echostage in Langdon Park, is accessible only by car, bus or bike.

So for all you introverts out there — sucks to suck. Better hit up your nearest meeting group and make some quick acquaintances.

Mason Dixie is the brainchild of Baltimore native Ayeshah Abuelhiga and surprisingly enough, the company found it’s beginnings on Kickstarter. The campaign was met with wild success leading to a 2014 community-funded pop-up shop in Union Market.

As if that isn’t cool enough, its debut was met with a line wrapping around the entire block and sold out menu items with executive chef Jason Gehring, previously of Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken serves up the company’s iconic buttermilk biscuits and a menu chock full of fresh ingredients, fried chicken, breakfast sandwiches and more.

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? The company has also partnered with Milk Cult, a fellow Union Market ice cream shop. This means that you get awesomely fresh, delectable, handspun milkshakes sans corn syrup and low on sugar.

That’s right — you can totally get your dairy on and still fit into that super cute LBD for this weekend’s hot date.

These “Cultshakes” as coined by local Washingtonian come in all the classics such as strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate and the establishment will additionally be offering an assortment of exotic flavor as periodic specials.

Feeling daring? Then you’ve got to try their nitro-affogato—coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Did we mention this place is totally located on an old drag lot? For their opening day the eatery offered the first 10 classic or exotic cars to  hit their drive-thru free breakfast and all customers swangin’ the classic/exotic car vibe free coffee.

I mean could they get any cooler? What’s next? Are they going to tell us Arthur Fonzarelli is personally serving up milkshakes because he was my childhood dream boat and I literally cannot contain myself even running this hypothetical daydream through my head right now!  Don’t you play with my emotions Mason Dixie — don’t you play with my emotions!

I digress.

The  interior features 32 seats for inside dining comprised of laminate tables and vintage chairs that purportedly “came from a former laundromat”. Even cooler — local collective No Kings DC designed the art adorning both the interior and exterior of the premises.

And for those of you locals who want to tear your hair out over the horrendous atrocity that is city parking — the location also boasts a free parking lot.

I know, I know you totally cannot contain yourself. We completely understand.

But we’re going to let you in on a little secret — just when you think the anticipation couldn’t get any worse we bring you – convenience.

That’s right — feeling like you might burst between now and you’re next Northeast tended-boys? You’re in luck — this eateries classic fare is also sold at Whole Foods and Harris Teeter locations all along the East Coast.

“We’re all about individual, different space and not just becoming another cookie-cutter commercial development,” remarked Abuelhiga to the Washingyonian prior to opening day.

Well, we think you’re off to a pretty darn good start.

Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. is located at 2301 Bladensburg Rd. NE. Hours of operation are 6AM-10PM, Mondays-Fridays, 9AM-10PM Saturdays and 9AM-8PM on Sundays.

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