VR Headsets Are Putting the “Real” In “Real Estate”  [New York Post]  It’s only a matter of time before someone says, “why should I pay $5 million for the actual mansion, when I can buy this VR headset for $400, and never take it off?”  (This is how “The Matrix” becomes reality, by the way.)

The Story Behind Chesapeake’s Feminist Lighthouse  [Washingtonian]  They used to give you free rent and a salary to live on the beach, in a lighthouse, and all you had to do was light a lamp once a day at dusk.  Everyone’s so mad that robots are going to take our factory jobs, but the really good jobs were lost a long time ago.

This Magical Dutch Traffic Light Helps Bicyclists Avoid Stopping  [Citylab]  This is hands-down one of the greatest inventions I’ve ever seen.  Though if they tried something similar for cars there would be a three car pile-up every five seconds.

Rosslyn Used to Be DC’s Brooklyn?  [Ghosts of DC]  In this metaphor, Silver Spring is obviously Queens.  So what’s Staten Island?  Herndon?

Demand for Multimillion-Dollar Condos In DC Is Booming  [WTOP]  You know how you increase the supply of multimillion-dollar condos?  All the condos that are priced under a million, you just mark them up to over a million.  (Note: this process is already underway.)

What Social Work Taught Me About Selling Real Estate  [New York Times]   It makes sense that selling houses is basically like being a life counselor for the buyer.  The woman who sold my parents their first house once brought soup to my mom when she was sick, and after that they refused to buy a house from anyone else ever.

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