McDonald’s Is Secretly a $30 Billion Real Estate Company  [Quartz]   Is this why the soft serve machine is always out of order?

This Spring’s Real Estate Market Is Going to Be Even Busier Than Last Year’s  [Curbed DC]  My favorite part of this forecast is the pronouncement that “this is the year when Millennials enter the market.”  Did all the Millennials get together and take a vote or something?

This Abandoned Six Flags Is the Creepiest Place On Earth  [Abandoned Places]  My cursory study of these photos indicates that the life-sized Batmobile from “Batman: The Ride” has been stolen from the park, most likely by a rich eccentric who paid people to go in and steal it, and who now displays it in his home.  My money is on Nicholas Cage.

DC Now Has a Free Composting Program  [DCist]  If you have a backyard raised-bed garden, you owe it to yourself to start composting.  Just be careful of fires;  my grandma’s compost heap once burst into flames (rotting garbage actually gets really hot) and they’re still talking about it years later, though in fairness, there’s not much else to talk about in rural Iowa.

Trump’s Tax Plan Could Be a Jackpot for Luxury Real Estate  [Mansion Global]  Ohhh, I never realized why rich people took out mortgages on houses they could buy in cash.  It’s for the tax deductions!

Is Korea Experiencing a Brutalist Revival?  [Arch Daily]  Neo-Brutalism looks even cooler than the original Brutalism, if you can believe that.  America needs to get on this bandwagon.

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