Anacostia River Improving – But It’s Still Pretty Filthy  [WAMU]  Basically, it’s now clean enough for mussels and otters, but if you or me cannon balled in, we’d come down with a comically severe rash.

DC Housing Agency Gave Up Millions In Aid As Families Waited  [Washington Post]  If I was in a tinfoil hat sort of mood, I might suggest this was part of some unspoken conspiracy to move the poor out of the District.  But I’m in a pretty levelheaded mood, so I’m going to chalk it up to boring ol’ incompetence.

This Ridiculous SF Studio Has a Bathroom In the Kitchen  [Apartment Therapy]  I can’t remember the last time I read a story about San Francisco that wasn’t totally negative.  It’s like the Donald Trump of cities.

The Hot New Millennial Housing Trend Is From the Middle Ages  [The Atlantic]  Having eight roommates and no privacy isn’t a “trend,” it’s more of an “unfortunate reality.”

DC Slumlord Wins First Phase of Court Case Against the District  [Washington City Paper]  The headline sounds bad, but all this means in the big picture is that the slumlord is going to sell the properties in question as soon as possible.  So it’s kind of a good thing.

Nine of Architecture’s Nastiest Lawsuits  [Arch Daily]  My takeaway from this article is to never conduct business with rich people.  Instead of just leaving a bad Yelp review like a regular person, they’ll take you to court for $100 million.

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