How Self-Driving Cars Will Profoundly Change Real Estate  [CNBC]  The future is living two hundred miles from your job and taking a robot-driven Uber going 120 mph to work every morning.  Sounds like a relaxing start to the day!

How Shaw Was Marketed to White Millennials  [Washington Post]  Shaw really was the textbook example of multi-wave gentrification.  I probably should’ve written a book about it or something, but I was too busy not mowing my lawn and putting my trash out an hour before the legally-mandated time.  (Luckily I had great neighbors who never failed to notify me about these and many, many other transgressions.)

Sex and Dead Possums: Adventures In Philly’s Hot Real Estate Market  []  When I read these articles about agents’ wackiest industry stories, and I get to the part where they list the disgusting things they’ve seen in people’s houses, I’m always like, “I have almost all of those things in my house.”

How Will “The End of Work” Affect Housing?  [Arch Daily]  On one hand, I’m really excited about a future of robots taking our jobs so we can spend all our time on leisure.  On the other hand, the idea of everyone being at home all the time makes me think the future is people paying to work in offices, just to get away from their family members.

World-Class Architects Built the Greatest Cat Houses Ever for Charity  [Architects for Animals]  *Legally mandated joke about the cats turning up their noses at their lavish new houses in favor of the boxes they were shipped in*

The Worst McMansion Sins [Hyperallergic]  Whenever I look at these sites chronicling the worst excesses of McMansions, 75% of the houses are in Virginia.  I don’t think we’re giving Virginia the recognition it deserves as the McMansion capital of America.

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