With more and more people finally taking to Fleetwood Mac’s advice and “going their own way,” co-working and incubator spaces are in high demand. However, for some, they can be a stressful bill to pay and more of a hindrance than a help. A workspace is only as good as the work that gets done (and the coffee that gets downed) in it, after all. While DC has no shortage of co-working  and incubator opportunities meant for both small, start-up businesses and solo workers, there is one that just recently hit the scene with a unique mission.

In3, which will be located on Georgia Avenue NW, is intended to be “an affordable co-working incubator focused on diversity and inclusion.” The incubator has come to life as result of a joint effort between the Office of the Mayor, Howard University, and Luma Lab. In3 will be focused on, according to Medium, partnering with “community organizations, local businesses, and the office of the Mayor to bring together programs and services that might not be financially attainable from other groups, in an environment that is welcoming to the community we are committed to supporting. Through these efforts we hope to inspire this generation and the next of business leaders and entrepreneurs to build great products that will change the way we think and live.”

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The space itself is surely sufficient, spread out over 8,000 square-feet and featuring 60 workstations, 11 offices, and five classrooms. With help from corporate sponsors such as CISCO and OCTO, the space is also equipped with amenities like free WiFi.

The spaces’ unique affordability is essentially an olive branch to those in need of somewhere to bring ideas to life. Ideally, it will help boost DC’s tech economy, encourage diversity in the sector, and birth some truly innovative ideas. A mesh between incubator and co-working space, it will also be home to workshops and talks on anything from development to financial literacy. Similar to other spaces of this nature, In3 will also serve as a host for hackathons, pitch competitions, and other learning-inspired events.

The space just opened on April 17th, and already ideas and businesses are brewing. The event calendar is also promisingly full, with events such as “Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs”, “#BlackTechMatters: The Black Out Celebration,” “Fundraising 101, ” “Demystifying Small Business Formation,” and more already marked out on the calendar.

Available plans to use the space range from $40 for a drop-in, one time usage to $600/month for an office space suited for up to three individuals. Depending on which plan is selected, members have handy access to extras such as conference room use, printer use, private booth use for phone calls, lockers, permanent desks, mail handling, and the ability to host private events. There is also an alternative, more affordable option that allows “after hours” access for less, giving a member a place to work on nights and weekends if they desire.

At the end of the day, DC is a bustling metropolis filled to the brim with opportunity – and it should be that way for all. What better way to see a city grow but to plant the roots ourselves? There’s no such thing as a bad idea, so let’s foster as many as we can…

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