Is Hempcrete the Building Material of the Future?  [Urban Turf DC]  That’s right – they’re going to start building houses out of pot.  Dying in a house fire never sounded so chill.

Virginia Man Puts Up Road Sign Telling Drivers Not to Slow Down for Pedestrians  [Greater Greater Washington]  He said he put up the homemade sign to “make things safer for everyone.”  Gotta give the guy points for having the nerve to even attempt that one.

A New Rental Scam Is Making the Rounds  [NBC Washington]  “Never put money down up front for anything” is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life.  Unfortunately, I had to learn it by putting money down up front several times, and getting ripped off.

This Architect Built a Swimming Pool Right On the Beach  [Arch Daily]  This architect is probably the type of guy who buys you a pint but then drops a shot in it.

Where Do People Go When They Leave DC?  [Data Lens DC]  The fact that the top reason people move to DC is for “a shorter commute” makes so much sense in light of how fussy my neighbors are about the upkeep of my yard.  These people did not come to the city to party.

Johnny Depp Owns Five Penthouses In the Same Building  [The Real Deal]  He also owns a village (yes, an entire village), and multiple islands.  He might be the first person in history to go to rehab for real estate addiction.

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