The Most Cutting Edge Green Homes In the DMV Are In … Mount Rainier?  [Washington Post]  They’re based on the German “passive home” model, which involves a sealed environment, endlessly circulating the same hot air.  It’s like living in the seat of Guy Fieri’s pants.

Did You Know Rowhouses Are Banned In Arlington?  [Greater Greater Washington]   The idea was to “preserve Arlington’s suburban character,” but all it’s done is to contribute to a perpetual housing shortage.  The tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy devil on my shoulder is whispering in my ear that they’ll never reverse the ban, because they want to keep property values inflated, but I’m ignoring him and so should you.

DC Might Authorize Cash for Commuters Who Don’t Drive  [WAMU]  Hey, I don’t drive or commute or have a job or even shower for several days at a time, can I get paid quadruple?

Boston’s Hot Real Estate Market Leads to Shady Proposals  [NBC Boston]  People are complaining about “vultures” showing up on their doorsteps with half a million dollars in a briefcase, offering to buy their house on the spot.  Pro tip, Bostonians – those aren’t vultures, those are angels.

Meet “Flipsters,” the Millennials Who Flip Homes  [Forbes]  Uh, technically those should be called “Fliplennials.”  You’re getting your meaningless and cynically fabricated media cliches mixed up.

How Self-Driving Cars Are Going to Redefine Real Estate Development  [Curbed]  True story:  “get my driver’s license” was on my to-do list for like the past year, but after reading all the self-driving car hype articles this past month, I’ve decided to just wait for the future to get here.

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