Baby Boomers Are Making It Harder for Millennials to Buy Homes  [Business Insider]  This could come in handy if your parents say no when you ask them to help you with your down payment.  You can just segue right into “but it’s your fault I can’t afford it!”

Gunmen Try, and Fail, to Rob Pot Dispensary  [Washington Post]  This sounds like a textbook case of some guys who got really high, ran out of weed, realized they were broke, and one of them was like, “hey, I know where we can get more weed – there’s just one catch …”

Kalorama Gets “Resident-Only” Parking Due to Influx of Politicians  [DCist]  Between the massive bump in their property values, and their special reserved parking spaces, Kalorama residents are having their best year ever.  Neighborhoods should start recruiting politicians to live there like sports teams court free agents.

Miami and New York Have the Most Suspicious Real Estate Transactions  [Mansion Global]  If you’ve been lamenting that our politicians are becoming more corrupt, just keep in mind that Venezuela’s vice president (a serial purchaser of US real estate) was also openly a drug lord.  We’ve got a ways to go before we can match that.

Six Projects That Were Disowned By High-Profile Architects  [Arch Daily]  I had no idea that the architect behind the Sydney Opera House disowned it over money conflicts.  I wonder if his revenge was to make it look like the back of Sonic the Hedgehog’s head.

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