There Are Dolphins In the Potomac River  [DCist]  But the Potomac is horribly polluted!  Nothing good can possibly come from this population of mutant dolphins …

A Company Targeting Distressed DC Properties Raises Eyebrows  [Washington City Paper]  The business model of “buy something and then sell it for twice as much as you paid for it” isn’t very innovative, but you have to admit that it just might work.

Yes, It Used to Be Spelled “Tennallytown”  [Ghosts of DC]  Clearly they made this change for no reason other than to make it easier to type and spell.

Why Are Dog Parks Such a Hot Button Issue In DC?  [Greater Greater Washington]  I think we can all agree that the worst thing about dog parks is that it inspired the John Cusack rom-com “Dog Park.”

The Case for the Disconnected Commute  [Citylab]  If you’re on the fence about cutting your smartphone out of your commute, consider that researchers recently found that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds.  Evolution has officially gone into reverse.

A DC Romance That Led to a Treehouse  [Washington Post]  This place to be on the shortlist for “coolest house in DC,” even taking into account that it looks like a light wind could send it sliding down that hill.

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