The Obamas’ Kalorama House Will Break Even In Seven Years  [Zillow]  It seems wrong that a guy serves as president for almost a decade but then still has to pay for stuff afterwards.  They should give all ex-presidents an all-purpose lifetime gold-plated pass that gets them anything they want, for free.

The Case for Preserving DC’s Brutalist Architecture  [Washington Post]  I’d like to reiterate that tearing down a Brutalist building in 2017 is like your mom throwing out your dusty old baseball card collection that turned out to be worth eight million dollars.

Does Metro Have a Rat Problem?  [Greater Greater Washington]  Metro has gotten so much bad press over the past few years that you just know there are secret meetings where the Metro board members discuss hiring an elderly actress to pretend to fall onto the tracks so she can get “rescued” by a Metro employee.

You Can Live In a Frank Lloyd Wright House, In a Utopian Community, for Just Over a Million  [Apartment Therapy]  Not only is it a Utopian community (or “Usonian,” to use Wright’s preferred term), it’s named “Pleasantville.”  This is either the opportunity of a lifetime, or the setup for an indie horror movie that’s not nearly as clever as it thinks it is.

Stop Mowing Your Lawn  [Lifehacker]  What does it mean that so many of my lazy refusals in life turned out to be unexpectedly virtuous?

The Man Who Mapped DC By Hand  [Citylab]  Just your latest reminder that almost all meaningful progress is achieved by people with way too much time on their hands.

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