The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners  [Bloomberg]  An important but overlooked point; well before climate change has a dramatic physical impact, billions of dollars of assets – oil stocks, coastal real estate – are going to crater.  Talk about a buyer’s market.  “I know you’re asking $2.5 million for your waterfront mansion, but it’s going to be filled with knee high water in six months.  Would you take, say, sixty dollars for it?”

How a Cleveland Park Parking Lot Revolutionized Shopping  [Greater Greater Washington]  I can’t wait until the next time a Cleveland Park resident gets all smug with me about their neighborhood.  There’s really no comeback for, “Did you know that Cleveland Park invented the strip mall?”

DC Metro Is an International Laughingstock  [Washington Post]  Whoof.  Metro has literally become the international textbook example of what happens when a city puts off maintenance on their mass transit system.  That’s like when your mom points to you at Thanksgiving dinner and screams at your misbehaving siblings, “if you don’t get it together, you’re going to end up like your poor brother over here!”

Is Squatting a Common Good?  [Times Literary Supplement]  The one time I went to a squat house for a party, there were a bunch of dreadlocked dudes with dogs and unicycles, and two poets got into a fistfight because one of them criticized the composition of the other’s sonnets or something.  Maybe it’s a common good just to keep all those people in the same place.

An Infamous Boston Skinny House Is For Sale  [Apartment Therapy]  This house is so skinny, you might need to walk down the hallway sideways.

A Sneak Peak at the Wharf’s Second Phase Pedestrian Promenade  [Curbed DC]  Ooh, first person to get a running start on that rooftop deck and jump into the river gets a pat on the back and probably at least one night in jail.

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