Would You Live In a Repurposed Metro Car?  [WAMU]  If they took out the carpeting, and kept the “ding” sound whenever I opened the sliding doors, I’d have to say yes.   (Don’t tell me the above house isn’t kind of cool, in a “Blair Witch” sequel sort of way.)

A Startup Is Making a Bitcoin Clone Backed By Real Estate  [Business Insider]  Bitcoin is probably the #1 conversation topic right now that people pretend to understand and then Google later in the bathroom.

How Do Meth Labs Affect Property Values?  [Citylab]  I guess according to statistics, meth labs hurt property values, but I don’t know, if I was a meth addict looking to buy a house, having a meth lab nearby would be a real selling point.

This Israeli Architect Lives In a Brutalist House  [Dwell]  Just realized I’ve seen Brutalist churches, office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, and military installations, but never a Brutalist house.  I guess “brutal” isn’t really the vibe most people are looking for in a home.  (This place is incredible though.)

Take a Virtual Tour of Alexandria’s Frank Lloyd Wright House  [Curbed DC]  It’s Friday, so it’s not like you’re going to do any actual work anyway.

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