Everything that was fashionable once will be fashionable again, right? That’s the theory – and there are few exceptions. If you need proof, see wide leg cropped pants (hey seventies, we missed you!), crimped hair that I was never ready to let go of when in came and went in the nineties, thick eyebrows, and more that are blazing the trail back into style from their hiding place in trend’s past. While there are no shoulder pads to dodge in home décor style, the here today, gone tomorrow, back again later life-cycle of fashion still holds up. So what’s the latest comeback story? Wallpaper.

That’s right, wallpaper isn’t just for cat ladies and grandmas anymore. In fact, it’s now cool for everyone from the young, no-kids couple to the bachelor to the modern elderly woman to rock some prints up and down their corridors. And florals are no longer the only option – today, the options are endless (and I want them all). Here are some places that make it easy to spruce up your walls:

Screenshot 2017-06-03 14.26.26.png

If you have yet to set foot in a West Elm, you’re missing out on some major home décor envy. The store is filled corner-to-corner and floor-to-ceiling with mid-century style furniture, accent pieces, and accessories that are both stylish and reasonably priced compared to other high-end home stores. And earning them a spot on this list, of course, is an impressive and unique selection of wallpaper. A lot of their wallpaper collection goes above and beyond with textures and shine – featuring styles such as gold foil, colored cork, metallic, and more.

Screenshot 2017-06-03 14.27.35.png

If any brand owns the chic aesthetic, it’s Rifle Paper Co. Initially, this store started surrounding stationery goods – cute greeting cards, art prints, and the like. Over time, they have expanded to include pretty much anything and everything you could ever want (it’s basically a gift-givers paradise.) There are candles, calendars, coasters, recipe boxes, and you guessed it…wallpaper. Their wallpaper collection was designed in cahoots with Hygge & West, and each roll is screen-printed in Chicago. Their patterns are simple but fun with lots of floral in the mix (not to mention some fun options like pineapple, safari, and skyscraper themes.)

If we make a list of where to get any kind of home décor and skip over Anthro, are we really being honest? Sure Anthropologie can have side effects like maximalism (because you want it all) or shock syndrome because, well, we’ve all seen the price tags, but truth be told…they know how to sell home décor, and wallpaper is absolutely not an exception to that rule. Styles available online range from bold, big patterns like palm leaves, poppies, and zebra stripes as well as delicate, dainty patterns such as Paris vignettes, herbs, leaping lemurs, and watercolor flora. If regular wallpaper isn’t enough of a statement piece, Anthro ups the ante offering wallpaper murals. Some examples include a coastal mural, a calm landscape mural, and more.


It seems anything the big stores can do the small stores can do better…or at least just as well. Etsy is no stranger to the wallpaper game, and there’s certainly more than one store offering up some trendy options. A few noteworthy shops worth perusing include Art of Wallpaper, Sweet Pea Wall Design, and Rocky Mountain Decals. Although not always the case, there are some stores on here that offer more affordable options in comparison to the higher end options found at places such as Anthropologie.

The moral of this post is this: let your freak flag fly, and let it fly in the form of oversized, colorful prints plastered all over your walls. Wallpaper reigns supreme once more! …long live the sticky stuff.


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