This Neighborhood Will Grow Its Own Food, Generate Its Own Power, and Dispose of Its Own Waste  [Fast Company]   I bet the people who’ll eventually live here will get SO MAD when they get Chinese takeout menus stuffed through their mail slot.

WaPo Did a Terrible Job of Profiling This Ward 7 Neighborhood  [DCist]  It must be really weird when the neighborhood you live in becomes “hot.”  It’s probably equal measures of pride and terror.

How American Real Estate Went Bananas  [The Week]  Not that housing costs aren’t insane (they are), but using the outdated standard of “you shouldn’t pay more than a third of your income towards rent” is going to mean that 85% of the population is in financial peril.  It’s an arbitrary, manufactured crisis.  (This is what I tell myself to make myself feel better about paying 60% of my income towards rent.)

Floating Future Concepts for the Georgetown Canal  [Urban Turf DC]  I’ve always wondered why the Georgetown canal isn’t fancier.  Maybe it’s Georgetown’s last remaining link to its innocent youth, sort of like my dad’s mullet.

There’s a $664K Parking Spot In Hong Kong  [New York Times]  I’m dying to see someone buy one of these insanely expensive parking spots, then just pitch a tent there, put out a toilet bucket, and dare the authorities to do something.

How Facebook Is Subconsciously Influencing Your Home-Buying Decisions  [Money Magazine]  Basically, you imitate what the people in your social media circle are doing.  This is why you should do what I do, and block anyone who’s even remotely responsible and/or mature.  (Baby photos = instant unfollow.)

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