Celebrating London’s Brutalist Masterpiece  [Arch Daily]  I was trying to explain to someone recently what the appeal of Brutalism is, and I decided it was like a terrible movie that’s so bad it goes all the way over to brilliant. (And yes, I owned the above movie on VHS and DVD.)

Co-Living Company Keeps Plugging Blocked Truxton Circle Project  [Washington City Paper]  If I had to choose between a sewage treatment plant opening next to me, or a co-living space catering to tech millennials, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d opt for the sewage treatment plant.

In NYC, Bikeshare Bikes Are Faster Than Cabs  [Citylab]  I’ve been saying this about DC for years now.  A bike will get you pretty much anywhere faster than a car, and I’ve proved it by winning several bike vs. car races from 14th Street to Shaw.  (Apologies to the pedestrians who were almost flattened when I had to cut up onto the sidewalk at high speed to avoid traffic.)

Jackie Kennedy’s Childhood Estate In Virginia Is On the Market for $49.5 Million  [Curbed DC]  The list of DC people who could even afford this has to be extremely short.  Though I will say that one of the Washington Wizards players just signed a monster contract that makes him 14th highest paid in the entire NBA, and I bet he still rents.  If I was the agent selling this place, I’d be camped out in Bradley Beal’s lobby.

Eerie Photos of Abandoned Big Box Stores  [CNET]  If you had to pick one photo to summarize this decade, wouldn’t it have to be a picture of an abandoned mall?

This Haunted House Is Hiring a Nanny  [KSAT]  The good: a $64,000 salary plus benefits.  The bad: five other nannies have quit in the past ten years after being terrorized by poltergeists.  You’d have to add at least one more zero to that salary before I’d even consider it.

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